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How to Choose a String Gauge for Your Acoustic Guitar

String gauge is an important part of playing and getting the best possible sound out of your guitar. Here’s everything you need to know about acoustic guitar string gauges to make an informed decision about what strings are best for you. We’ll cover string materials in a separate article.

Free Desktop & Mobile Backgrounds: X Series

Martin X Series guitars are made for musicians that want the freedom to play how, where, and when they want without breaking the bank. Delivering legendary Martin tone, the X Series will easily make the transition from the couch, to the stage, to the great outdoors.

We’ve created desktop and mobile backgrounds of four great-looking X Series models that you can download for free!

Tips For Lefty Guitar Players

It’s estimated that 10% of the world’s population is left-handed. If you’re left-handed, but have been hesitant to start learning guitar, we want to encourage you to give it a try. Here are our top five tips for lefties:

Free, Downloadable Desktop & Mobile Backgrounds: Standard Series

Allow these iconic Martin Standard Series instruments to class up your screens. We’ve created desktop and mobile backgrounds of four of our most popular Standard Series models that you can download for free! Enjoy!

The test of time: Martin's aged Guitars

Martin CEO and Chairman, Chris Martin, has been heard to say, “The day you buy a Martin guitar, is the worst it’s going to sound.”

Let us explain!

Chris Martin on the Innovations of His Forefathers

Martin Guitar has been a family-owned company, passed from father to son, since 1833. This Father’s Day, we share an excerpt from the January 2020 issue of MARTIN | The Journal of Acoustic Guitars where Chris Martin looks back at his family and recounts how they shaped the company and made history in the process.

Sights and Sounds of the Martin Factory

Along with countless other businesses in our area during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Martin factory has been temporarily closed since March in order to keep our coworkers and the community safe. This week, we have been permitted to open our production facilities, while adhering to strict CDC health and safety guidelines, so that we can, once again, do what we do best: build the world’s finest acoustic guitars and strings.

Understanding Guitar Body Sizes

Martin has been shaping the sound of acoustic music for nearly two centuries, and offers a wide array of guitar body shapes and sizes to create the perfect guitar for you.

Send a Song to Mom: Martin’s Mother’s Day Playlist

Mother’s Day may look a little different for a lot of us this year. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep many of us apart, we want to remind you that music has always brought us together.

To honor all of the moms in our lives, we’ve assembled a list of classic and contemporary songs by artists known to strum on Martin guitars. We hope you’ll share a song or two (or all of them!) with those close to you.

Happy Mother’s Day from Martin Guitar!

Martin’s List of Things to Do During the COVID-19 Crisis

Whether you are still in quarantine, returning to work, or you have been working non-stop since all of this started, we can all use a diversion. And we all share a love of music and guitars. So here are some resources we have gathered to help keep you occupied.

Martin's Green Journey in Celebration of Earth Day

Martin’s commitment to the environment is deeply ingrained in our core values. As CEO and Chairman, Chris Martin, has said, “Protecting the environment and all of its precious resources has been at the forefront of my family’s business since its inception. 

Some Of Our Favorite Female Artist Museum Sessions in Celebration of International Women's Day

The Martin Museum in Nazareth, Pennsylvania is home to a stunning collection of iconic Martin guitars, but also plays host to performances by exciting and inspirational artists.


Richlite® visited the Martin Guitar factory with the purpose of seeing how Richlite® is used in the crafting of our guitars.



I typically receive questions about the origins of Guatemalan Rosewood. My usual response is that Guatemalan Rosewood hails from, “a certain valley in a certain country that only I have access to." This seemed to upset some people. I have decided to give you a hint. The country is Nicaragua. Yes, it is odd that Guatemalan Rosewood trees grow in Nicaragua, but trees do not pay attention to boarders.

This is my valley.

This is me on behalf of C.F. Martin & Co donating money to gentleman named Oscar.

He started his Rosewood farm using seeds he found in the forest. 

Under the butterfly is a freshly planted sapling. In 300 years, it should be ready to be turned into guitars.

While many people only do what is necessary under the laws of the land, we are thankful for the “Oscars” of the world, who go above and beyond when it comes to the conservation and sustainability of precious resources. We will continue to support Oscar and like-minded people around the globe.

Muchos Gracias, Oscar!

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