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CITES stands for Convention for the International Trade of Endangered Species. It is an international agreement that has been in effect since 1975. Its goal is to ensure that international trade of wildlife does not threaten the survival of species or the ecosystem. Nations participate in and adhere to CITES regulations voluntarily, but for those nations participating it is legally binding.

As many of you know, CITES recently held its 17th Conference of Parties in Johannesburg, South Africa. At that event all Rosewood (except Brazilian Rosewood which was already on Appendix I) and three species of Gubortia aka Bubinga were put on Appendix II.  This ruling has caused much confusion and panic in the guitar world. I am here to help. If you have any questions, comment below and I will do my best to answer.

You can learn more about Martin Guitar's commitment to the environment here.

Michael Dickinson is a 26-year veteran of Martin Guitar. Michael has worked in numerous departments , such as the Sawmill and Customer Service, and is the current buyer of exotic, alternative, and sustainable woods. Ask Michael is a bi-monthly column that will appear on the Martin Guitar blog.

Please note, Michael will not be responding to every comment left on the blog.

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