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Ask Michael: What I Do In Between Jungle Adventures

Posted by cfmartinguitar

Michael Dickinson will address what he does in between his jungle adventures in the second edition of Ask Michael. Do you have questions you'd like Michael to answer? Comment on this blog post for the chance to have your question answered.


In between jungle travel, guitar testing, and top grading, I find time to purchase guitars for the Martin Museum. Over 12 years ago, one of my former bosses (thanks Doreen!) decided that I was smart enough to start buying instruments for the museum. This was before the big renovation in 2005. Before that, the museum consisted of some round tubes and a book case that was retrofitted with glass doors. I began with an array of 180 instruments and now the collection has grown to 420 plus instruments that tell the story of C.F. Martin & Co.'s history.


There is a long list of people who have shared their knowledge with me. Since I only have a limited space, I will only list those names I can type in the next 30 seconds. So thank you Mike, Dick, Fred, Greg, Peter, George, Richard, Frank, Walter, Steve, and everyone else who was kind enough to enhance my knowledge of Martin Guitar.

Two things to note about my column:

  1. I don't want to buy your guitar. This is not what this blog is about. The blog is meant to tell stories about where and how I found some of these unique guitars. I would like to hear your stories though!
  2. I don't do appraisals; please do not ask me what your guitar is worth.


Michael Dickinson is a 24-year veteran of Martin Guitar. Michael has worked in numerous departments , such as the Sawmill and Customer Service, and is the current buyer of exotic, alternative, and sustainable woods. He also purchases instruments featured in the Martin Museum. Ask Michael is a bi-monthly column that will appear on the Martin Guitar blog.

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