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Ask Michael: Your Favorite Work Trip

Posted by cfmartinguitar

Michael Dickinson will address his favorite wood purchasing destination in this edition of Ask Michael. Do you have questions you'd like Michael to answer? Comment on this blog post for the chance to have your question answered.


Having visited every major rain forest in the world, certain places stand out in my mind. There are the black sand beaches of Costa Rica, the ruins at Tikal Guatemala, and the river in Ouesso Republic of Congo. But my favorite place to this point has been Tanzania.

Yes, sleeping in the bush is not a fun place to stay and local village "hotels" are not set up for a 6'7" guy to sleep comfortably. Fortunately, the last two days of the trip we stayed near the ocean. I literally walked 10 steps from my hut and was standing knee deep in the Indian Ocean. The water was so clear that I had no problem seeing the ocean floor as I slowly walked in up to my waist. You also knew what was for diner because the local fishermen were walking down the beach with the catch from the day.


Michael Dickinson is a 24-year veteran of Martin Guitar. Michael has worked in numerous departments , such as the Sawmill and Customer Service, and is the current buyer of exotic, alternative, and sustainable woods. Ask Michael is a bi-monthly column that will appear on the Martin Guitar blog.Please note, Michael will not be responding to every comment left on the blog.

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