Factory Favorites: The Courtesy Tier

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This week's favorite music around the factory is Brooklyn duo The Courtesy Tier.

Guitarist Omer and drummer Layton have been playing together since well before they formed The Courtesy Tier in 2009, honing their music over the course of seven years, sometimes in groups with as many as six players. But it wasn't until they stripped down to become a duo in a tiny practice space that they truly found their sound. Shortly thereafter, they recorded their debut, The Resolution, and have not let up since then. Constant gigging and touring - playing events like SXSW, the Northside Festival, and many more - has only tightened a raw, blues/punk sound. In their heavily rhythmic, dark music lie elements of pure rock, country melancholy, and down-and-out blues, with perfectly crafted vocal harmonies and incredible guitar and drum work forming a strong backbone for songs with pleasantly jagged edges.

Though their hard work has resulted in a band that sounds at its prime, you can be sure The Courtesy Tier have only just begun. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, and learn more about them on their website. Their latest release, Holy Hot Fire, is available here.

Martin Guitar recently met up with The Courtesy Tier at a Brooklyn practice space to capture some songs on a D-15M dreadnought, and you can find the first video below:

[youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ni654i9mfnU" /]

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