How To Register Your Martin Guitar

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We have been receiving many questions from our social media community about registering your new Martin and what better way to help you than this blog post?

It is extremely important to register your new Martin because it allows us to better assist you in the event your guitar gets stolen, lost, or requires warranty work. Registering your guitar is also necessary to obtain the Limited Lifetime Warranty for the original owner only. This warranty cannot be transferred and is only valid to the original, registered owner who purchased the guitar.

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There are two ways to register your new guitar: the first way is by completing the warranty application that should be found in the case pocket along with your Care and Feeding Guide. After completing the application, it should be sent back to Martin Guitar. The second way to register your guitar is by completing the application online. It can found on our website here. However, if your guitar was built in 2002 or earlier, you will not be able to register through our website and should contact Customer Service for addition direction.

Not sure if your guitar is registered? Have your serial number ready and contact our Customer Service team who can help you find out. You can find the Martin Customer Service information here.

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