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Danny Davis Talks Martin & The Frendly Gathering

Posted by cfmartinguitar

Martin Ambassador Danny Davis is one talented guy! This past year Danny competed in the SoChi Olypmics, became a Martin Ambassador, created a Martin inspired Burton Easy Livin Snowboard, and is about to kick off another awesome Frendly Gathering with fellow Martin Ambassador and professional Burton snowboarder Jack Mitrani!


Check out an exercept from his interview with Burton below.

What first got you into playing guitar?

I got into guitar when my brother started playing. We always had a piano in the house, then we got a drum set, then I got an electric guitar for Christmas and started taking lessons. But, like anything a kid does, I got out of it for a little while until high school when I met other friends who played.

How did the Martin partnership come about?
Burton brought an idea to me for a collaboration with Martin for the Easy Livin graphic. I already had a Martin, and I remember looking up to Jerry Garcia when I was younger and knew he had a Martin. I visited the factory and met all the people. It was just like Burton: everything happens in-house, they have their own version of a Craig’s-style lab, and it’s been family-owned forever. The relationship grew and I became an ambassador, which is a dream come true.


What’s it like being in the same family as so many legendary musicians? 
It’s crazy. Through the collaboration with Martin, we’ve been meeting all these artists like Chuck Ragan and the Sleepyman Banjo Boys, who are both coming to the Frendly Gathering this year. We had already booked Keller Williams at the Gathering—who’s also an ambassador—and we had been looking into the Sleepyman Banjo Boys. Even if the Martin partnership didn’t happen, it was already happening.

Want to say anything about this year’s Frendly Gathering?
This year is going to be a blast. I’m excited to have another good Frendly Gathering—and a safe one. I hope to see all our friends there. To anybody who’s not coming: well, you’re missing out.


Want to read Danny's full interview with Burton? Click here.

To purchase Frendly Gather tickets, click here.

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