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This Custom Signature Edition D-18, featuring imprinted original artwork by the talented Robert Goetzl, is a tribute to the Lakota Sioux Native American Tribe. 


The guitar features a single arrowhead inlay on the head plate, to symbolize a tool that was essential to the tribe’s early survival, along with four arrowheads on the fingerboard, each facing outward, to represent the four directions which were sacred to the Lakota Tribe. Martin will be donating a guitar to the Native American Heritage Association (, a charitable organization whose mission is to provide food and other essentials to the people of Crow Creek and Pine Ridge Reservations in South Dakota. Pine Ridge has the lowest survival rate in the Western Hemisphere, second only to Haiti. The donated guitar will be auctioned off to raise much needed funds for the organization.

You can purchase the D-18RG through an authorized Martin dealer, by finding a certified online Martin dealer, or exploring the buy from factory program.

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