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Responsible Guitar Building: AFISAP Kiln

Posted by cfmartinguitar

Martin Guitar is committed to corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship for over 20 years, maintaining Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) Chain-of-Custody certification. Being FSC® certified indicates that Martin complies with one of the highest social, economic, and environmental standards on the market. 

Also, Martin Guitar  is proud to be an industry leader in its global commitment to responsible forestry and the use of renewable natural resources with its Responsible Timber Purchasing Policy. We actively recognize our responsibility to the environment, consumers, and staff. We base our commercial activities on responsible stewardship of the world's forest resources. We also  firmly believe in improving the standard of living in communities that we source our materials. You can learn more about Martin Guitar's commitment to the environment and responsible guitar building here and here.

Martin Guitar teamed up with Central American Timber to help create a kiln for Asociación Forestal Integral de San Adrés Petén (AFISAP). A kiln enables wood to be dried in a controlled environment. All of Martin Guitar's wood is kiln dried which helps to reduce warping and cracking. 

Larry Blakaitis of Central American Timber says "I found working with the C.F. Martin Co. very rewarding in terms of bettering the lives of the indigenous local community in San Andreas, Peten, and Guatemala and look forward to future joint ventures.

AFISAP is a local community in Guatemala that is committed to the betterment of their land and community. AFISAP owns over 100,000 acres of land and follows responsible foresting best practices. With the creation of the kiln, AFISAP will bring more value to their wood. You can view photos of the AFISAP kiln below.

You can also learn more about Martin Guitar's commitment to the environment here.




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