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Posted by Dick Boak


Welcome to The Archive Room!

As archivist for C.F. Martin & Co., I wanted a space where I could share some of the incredible images and stories that cross my path. This is that space! 

In searching for a banner for my blog, how could I not select the incredible calligraphy and artwork of Dick Brown (featured above.) He is certainly one of the finest calligraphers alive and has been a great friend to myself and the company. This is the very first art that he sent to us, just because he loves Martin guitars!


While doing archive research at Middle Tennessee University's Center for Popular Music, musicologist Jerry Zolten and I discovered a treasure trove of photography, specifically guitar players with their guitars. Of course, we love it even more when it is Martin guitars being played. That would appear to be the case of the above 1888 counter card of a woman with her high end Martin instrument. It is most likely a Style 34 or Style 40, given the ivory bridge. 

If you come across something that you think we would be interested in, please feel free to share it with us at:

Dick Boak

Director: Museum, Archives, Special Projects

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