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We Give You The Scoop On Flow Wrap

Posted by cfmartinguitar

As you may already know, Martin Strings has revamped its packaging. You may be asking why. The answer is we are always looking to improve on our products.


One of the big changes to Martin Strings is the new "flow wrap" packaging.  The material we use has several layers that work together to form an air tight barrier that keeps moisture out.  During the packaging process the multi-layer wrap material “flows” around the strings to make the pouch.  We use a nitrogen purge system to replace the oxygen with nitrogen.  The strings are then sealed up in the flow wrap to bring freshness to your playing. Plus flow wrap is classified as a recycle #5 and is accepted in many community recycling programs!

You will begin seeing the new Martin Strings packaging in stores beginning in April and May. Want to learn more about our new packaging? Check out our new and improved Strings FAQs here.


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