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I was recently watching one of the “reality” TV shows, where people go to offbeat location to do odd things. This led to me remarking out loud, “I have been there. I did that. But I had clothes on." This comment of course got a lot of odd looks, and I had to get out my cell phone and play show and tell. While most people like hearing the stories of me almost getting blown up, being held hostage, or having bugs lay larvae under my skin, generally speaking most people ask, “Why would you do that?" When this question is posed to the reality “stars," they usually have something to prove to themselves, their families or friends. (Yes, I find that really stupid too.)

My answer is always one word: Guitars!

Next time you are undecided about paying that extra .5% for the guitar of your dreams, think of the process…. and my near death experiences. And now on with the show.

Unknown-3.jpegHello from somewhere in the world. Today we are after river monsters a.k.a sinker mahogany.


I think we have spotted one of the rascally creatures!


Fish on.


The one that did not get away!


Now we are off to the sawmill where we see if this is a guitar quality log. Fingers crossed. Absolutely beautiful, but not quite what I am looking for. This will make someone a nice table. Fortunately for you, there is no smellavision. When you cut sinker mahogany, it smells like 100 skunks got angry, all at the same time.


I see guitar parts!


In a few months, these will be great sounding guitars. Speaking of sound, I have noticed that sinker mahogany has a tendency to have deeper bass response than standard mahogany. I believe this if from all the sediment the wood picks up sitting under the water for 300 years. If you look very closely, you can see little black specks in the pores. In house, we call this pepper.  Add finish and ….


Ohhhh, pretty!

Michael Dickinson is a 26-year veteran of Martin Guitar. Michael has worked in numerous departments, such as the Sawmill and Customer Service, and is the current buyer of exotic, alternative, and sustainable woods.

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