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The test of time: Martin's aged Guitars

Martin CEO and Chairman, Chris Martin, has been heard to say, “The day you buy a Martin guitar, is the worst it’s going to sound.”


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Chris Martin on the Innovations of His Forefathers

Martin Guitar has been a family-owned company, passed from father to son, since 1833. This Father’s Day, we share an excerpt from the…

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Sights and Sounds of the Martin Factory

Along with countless other businesses in our area during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Martin factory has been temporarily closed since…

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Understanding Guitar Body Sizes

Martin has been shaping the sound of acoustic music for nearly two centuries, and offers a wide array of guitar body shapes and sizes to…

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Send a Song to Mom: Martin’s Mother’s Day Playlist

Mother’s Day may look a little different for a lot of us this year. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep many of us apart, we…

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Martin’s List of Things to Do During the COVID-19 Crisis

Whether you are still in quarantine, returning to work, or you have been working non-stop since all of this started, we can all use a…

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Martin's Green Journey in Celebration of Earth Day

Martin’s commitment to the environment is deeply ingrained in our core values. As CEO and Chairman, Chris Martin, has said, “Protecting…

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Some Of Our Favorite Female Artist Museum Sessions in Celebration of International Women's Day

The Martin Museum in Nazareth, Pennsylvania is home to a stunning collection of iconic Martin guitars, but also plays host to…

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