Martin Monday: D-45

The D-45 is the flagship model of the standard series and also a favorite of guitar enthusiasts.


The D-45 is an ornate instrument that features hand inlaid pearl and premium tone woods. The premium tone woods include Solid East Indian Rosewood for the back and sides with a Solid Sitka Spruce top. The finger board is constructed of Solid Black Ebony. For its long-lasting tone, the D-45 is strung with SP Lifespan strings. The D-45 is the guitar of choice for legends Gene Autry and Stephan Stills.

You can learn more about the D-45 here.

To try out a D-45, find an authorized Martin dealer here.

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Responsible Guitar Building: FSC® Certified

Martin Guitar's commitment to corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship is of utmost importance. Martin Guitar maintains Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) Chain-of-Custody certification.


Being FSC® Certified means that Martin Guitar complies with the highest social and environmental standards. By doing so, we are supporting responsible management of the world's treasured forests.

In 2009, Martin was one of first guitar manufacturers in the industry to produce a D-mahogany made entirely of FSC® certified woods. The 00-DB Jeff Tweedy is the first custom artist model that is FSC® certified.


You can learn more about Martin Guitar's commitment to the environment here.




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Martin Monday: D-35E Retro

The vision of the Retro Series is to capture the tone of well aged- Martin guitars. That is exactly what the D-35E Retro does!


The D-35E Retro has the visual appearance of the original D-35 with a high performance neck taper for easy action and play ability. The model includes a three-piece back made of Solid East Indian Rosewood. Other features include a black pick guard, ivoroid bindings, and a certified European spruce soundboard. The D-35E Retro is strung with SP Lifespan strings.

You can learn more about the D-35E Retro here.

You can also find an authorized Martin dealer to test drive the D-35E Retro here.

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Amani Duncan Featured On The Huffington Post

Martin Guitar's VP of Brand Marketing Amani Duncan was featured on the Huffington Post's Women In Business section.


Huffington Post journalist Laura Dunn questions Amani on her advice to women seeking leadership roles, what she wants Martin Guitar to accomplish in the next year, and more.

You can read the Women in Business Q&A with Amani Duncan here

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Martin Monday: D-41 Purple Martin Cocobolo

The D-41 Purple Martin Cocobolo is a favorite theme of CEO and Chairman Chris Martin IV's.


The D-41 Purple Martin Cocobolo is the second in a series of Purple Martin Limited Editions. It includes a richly colored cocobolo back, sides, and head plate along with premium grade Adirondack spruce soundboard. The black pick guard and the ebony fingerboard and bridge are inlaid with a dramatic Purple Martin motif. The beautiful guitar is strung with SP Lifespan strings. The interior label is personally signed by CEO and Chairman Chris Martin IV and numbered in sequence. The D-41 Purple Martin Cocobolo is limited to 50.

You can learn more about the D-41 Purple Martin Cocobolo here. You can also learn more by watching the latest product video here

Find an authorized Martin dealer near you to test drive Martin guitars here.

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Dear Emily: "What The Shift?" Edition

Dear Emily,

I'm finally taking the plunge and purchasing a Martin dreadnought! I've heard people talk about forward shifted and rear shifted bracing. Is one better than the other? -- Soon To Be Dreadnought Owner


Custom Shop Administration- Emily

Dear Soon To Be Dreadnought Owner,

Neither is better! It is like asking which is better a D-18 or a D-28? There are die-hard fans for each and they are both very different animals. A present day D-28 has standard brace placement, which means the X falls just under 1 1/2" from the sound hole edge. Standard brace placement should not be overlooked. There's a reason the D-28 is one of the most popular acoustic guitars ever! Many of our dreadnoughts have standard brace placement.

You can manipulate the sound of the guitar by shifting the braces around. When the X brace moves toward the neck, about 1" from the soundhole, that's your forward bracing. Before I get too nerdy about the size of the bridge plate and how the bridge lays on it, let's just say that forward shifted bracing typically adds more "boom" to the guitar and the bass notes become more prominent. To me, forward shifted guitars sound "played in" from the first strum.

The lesser known rear shifted brace is a real sleeper! When you shift the X brace toward the lower bout of the guitar, you get a real clear and powerful sound. The best I can describe it is when you strum a chord, you can pick out every note clearly. The sound is very dynamic no matter what style you play. Bluegrassers have loved rear shifted bracing for years because it can cut through the mix of an upright bass, banjo, dobro, etc. and not get drowned out.

My advice is to try out different dreadnoughts made of the same woods but different brace placement. Standard placement dreadnoughts are easy to find. Examples are the D-28, HD-28, and D-45. Forward shifted guitars include the D-42, HD-28V, and D-45V. Rear shifted guitars are a little hard to find but they are out there! The D-28 Dan Tyminski was always a rear shifted favorite of mine.


Emily has worked at Martin Guitar for 8 years. She has been cross-trained in every aspect of guitar building and currently serves as the Martin Guitar Custom Shop Administrator. Dear Emily is an advice column that will appear bi-monthly on the Martin Guitar Blog.

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Martin Monday: D12-35-50th Anniversary

Martin Guitar continues to celebrate the D-35 turning 50 with the D12-35-50th Anniversary Limited Edition.


The celebratory model is a 12-string dreadnought limited to the quantity of 183. The quantity commemorates the quantity of the first 1965 production run. The model includes a European spruce top with Martin's new Vintage Tone System and a 3-piece East Indian rosewood back and sides. The D12-35-50th Anniversary is strung with SP Lifespan Strings in the extra light gauge.

To learn more about the D12-35-50th Anniversary, click here.

To find an authorized Martin dealer near you, click here.

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Dreadnought Junior Wins "Best Buy" Title & 5 Stars

The newly released Dreadnought Junior was named a "Best Buy" from Total Guitar and given 5 stars by the magazine. The feature will appear in the August 2015 issue of Total Guitar.


The Dreadnought Junior is reduced to approximately 15/16" of the full Martin 14-fret Dreadnought dimension with a 24" scale length. The top is constructed of solid Sitka spruce while the back and sides are book matched from sapele and Richlite. The Dreadnought Junior comes equipped with Fishman's Sonitone sound reinforcement system, SP Lifespan Strings, and a nylon gig bag.

To learn more about the Dreadnought Junior, click here.

To test drive the Dreadnought Junior at your local authorized Martin dealer, click here.

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Martin Monday: The 00-15E Retro

The 00-15E Retro is a newly released Martin Guitar model.


The 00-15E Retro is the first 00-14 fret instrument in the Retro Series family. This acoustic-electric model features a solid mahogany top, back, and sides. The top has a distinctive 15-style burst. The 00-15E Retro comes equipped with SP Lifespan strings and a Fishman F1 Aura+ electronics.

You can learn more about the 00-15E Retro here.

You can find an authorized Martin dealer near you here.

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Rave Reviews Keep Coming For Jason Isbell

Martin Ambassador Jason Isbell released his new album "Something More Than Free" on July 17th to rave reviews!


USA Today gave the album four out of four stars and hailed it as the album of the week. Rolling Stone followed suit by giving it four out of five stars calling it "a master class in songwriting from an artist who's never sounded more confident." On NPR Music, rock critic Ken Tucker said "Isbell's lyrics reward a close listen." And that's not all!  Praising reviews of "Something More Than Free" were also found in The New York Times and American Songwriter.

To purchase Martin Ambassador Jason Isbell's album "Something More Than Free" click here. You can also find out how to win a signed Martin D-18 by Jason Isbell here.


Jason Isbell's Martin guitar of choice is the D-42.

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